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Ismel, the Arabian Yinglet by moondragon01
Ismel, the Arabian Yinglet
He is so crafty for a yinglet of his position, that the patriarchs of his enclave felt threatened by his wit and banished him.
The yinglet species belongs to
The Blizzard Forge by moondragon01
The Blizzard Forge
Located in the heart of Blizzardhowl, the capitol of Candu, is the legendary Blizzard Forge. Their work is worthy to rival the intricacy of the dwarves.
Map of the continent of Naakaea, Circa 6th era by moondragon01
Map of the continent of Naakaea, Circa 6th era
I was considering uploading some material of Naakaea here, so I figured I'd throw out a map before anything else so you would know where everything is.
TAJJICIAN EMPIRE: The main ally of Dragemor, empire of the dragons. The capitol of the empire bears the same name as the empire itself.
CALEMDJOOR: Formerly known as Calemdor before the reign of Jarl Rankjor. Calemdjoor surrounds the port of Heimili, the first human settlement.
HELMFALL: Land of the dwarves which was settled during the deep freeze right after Necris, lord of the undead, pushed the planet out of its place in orbit.
CANDU: Land of the Canduian wolf men, they have been allies since their first tribe popped up. The only exception was around the the end of the war of the eight blades, when the land was occupied by wolves who shared differing ideas.
TERAMAR: Technically territory of Dragemor. This independent state was founded after the battle of Mussel harbor, when Necris was subdued and dragged off to its prison in the heart of the Gray sea.
RAVENWOOD: They were technically allied with Tajjic since the war of the eight blades ended, until the king was killed after the fall of Necris and a new king was chosen who preferred Calemdjoorian traditions.
LAHKUZU: Land of the orcish tribes.
SAANDE: Land of the sand people.
ALANAR: A human nation who has isolated themselves from the rest of the world. Very little enters, and very little leaves.
THE 'SUAS (Grasua, Hisua and Wusua): The alliance of the elves, or as they call themselves, the Krasson brotherhood. Grasua is home to the dark elves, Wusua is home to the wood elves and Hisua is home to the high elves.
KRAS ISLANDS: Home of the Il'kras, the ancestors of the elves who were thought to be extinct until they returned after the fall of Necris.
ISLAND OF UVUN: Home of a mysterious race of shapeshifters known as the Uvuni.

Drawn by Schuyler White, detailed by Daniel Martin
What did you expect? by moondragon01
What did you expect?

Leaving the pile of ash and ember behind, the two eventually stumbled on another wolf who had feathers in their fur and markings that did not resemble Annakian symbology. Behind the wolf was what looked like a pack. “ Háadish nitsʼééʼ łeeʼ sitą́,” the wolf asked. “ Uh...what?”

Navajo. One of the many languages Luetsun didn’t know. At that point, he knew just what these wolves were; an independent pack. Very few Silvertip wolves spoke Navajo anymore.

As soon as he came to this conclusion, Rufus stepped forward and, to his surprise, started a conversation with them. Luetsun couldn’t help but gape at what went on before him, and he continued to gape with wide eyes after Rufus came back. “ Is something wrong?”

Luetsun shook his head and asked, “ How many languages do you know?”

Rufus sat, lifted a paw and said, “ Oh, let’s see, Navajo, Northern, Cherokee, eskimo, Annakian and Aztec. Why?”

When Luetsun only showed more shock, he narrowed his eyes and said, “ Honestly, what did you expect from a thousand year old dog?”

Vhigroonsos trades with a desert scav by moondragon01
Vhigroonsos trades with a desert scav
Vhigroonsos, the kobold mage/chief, has traveled far to trade with the yinglets. What could he possibly be trading that merited that far of a travel?
The yinglet species belongs to


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